Richmond School: School hosts annual Maths24 Challenge

PUPILS proved to be the sum of their parts after a stunning display of mental maths.

Richmond School and Sixth Form College played host to its annual Maths24 Challenge and witnessed arithmetic that broke all records.

Wavell Junior School, Catterick Garrison, amazed staff and students with an incredible score almost four tines higher than the runners up.

Gifted mathematicians from 12 primary schools rose to the Maths24 challenge where Year 5 and 6 pupils have just four minutes to achieve the total of 24 by dividing, multiplying, adding and subtracting numbers on a card.

The second to fifth place schools all achieved scores in the 200s. But Wavell’s team of Sara Gurung, Ridhima Thapa, Riyaz Thapa and Ryan Clapperton scored an incredible 1,016 points.

Sara said: “We were really please to break our previous best sco

re of 675. We love maths and play this three times a week in assembly time.”

Richmond School’s head of maths Scott Lunn added: “The pupils were phenomenally quick and astounded our year 9 students who were mentoring them. They exhibited a natural aptitude that will stand them in very good stead when they join us in senior school.”

Organised by maths teacher Rebecca Collier, the competition has been run for the past 11 years as a transition event designed to ease the path of pupils who soon will be attending Richmond School and Sixth Form College.

She said: “Our feeder schools have some exceptionally talented mathematicians who really enjoy the challenge and getting a glimpse of life at Richmond School.”