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To school leaders, governors, business partners and parents

Thank you for your interest in Areté Learning Trust. I hope that you find the information contained on this site helpful. We are a relatively small trust, currently comprising two secondary schools. In an educational climate in which there is so much volatility and change,  hold true to providing the very best educational experience for our students by developing collaborative practice and making the most of our shared expertise and resource. True to our principle, we are the preferred sponsor of Northallerton School, soon to join the trust and work in collaboration with Richmond and Stokesley Schools to secure further improvement. We work closely together to secure our future, hold fast to our values and seek  partnership with others who are similarly committed to helping all young people, whatever their starting point, to “be the best they can be.”

Catherine Brooker, CEO Areté Learning Trust

As ALT educational leaders we ensure that:

  • We prioritise the needs of children not the system
  • We use performance data to improve the life chances of children, not to score points in league tables
  • We recognise the value of rich learning experiences, including those not the current focus of Ofsted inspectors or political ideology
  • Our academies are characterised by values including hope, kindness, generosity of spirit and compassion, not punishment and control
  • Children learn to love learning, not just focus on results
  • We serve local communities
  • Children’s family circumstances can sometimes make learning extremely difficult but must never be a barrier to aspiration
  • Achild’s postcode should not determine his/her future and, whatever their starting point, we should have high expectations of them all
  • We accept the responsibility to collaborate and work in partnership with other schools, especially those who are in need of support
  • We don’t fall back on a “one size fits all” approach to learning
  • We value and develop our staff to enable them to get the best out of our students

Our five pillars for success

Whose achievement places their school in the top quintile of similar schools, who go on to the best universities or training with reputable employers and are positive role models for aspiring students and in their community
For whom we are the employer of choice, providing a great place in which to work and an environment where they can develop as exemplary professionals
Who are confident that ALT Academies are committed to meeting their children’s individual needs and foster aspiration as well as academic, moral, personal and social development and for whom an ALT Academy is the natural choice with whom to entrust the education and care of their children
Local Community
Which respects and supports their local ALT Academy which recognises the unique characteristics of the area and draws upon them to improve outcomes locally, regionally, nationally and globally
With external agencies, including service providers, businesses, employers and other local stakeholders to enhance students’ learning and development