Aims & Objectives

In Pursuit of Excellence

Every Academy within the Trust will have its own unique values and ethos whilst being committed to the overarching principle of “Being the best we can be”, the mission statement of  Areté Learning Trust (ALT), which underpins the work of all our trust academies. This is rooted in the shared belief that every child, whatever his or her circumstances and starting point, has unique skills and qualities and given the support, encouragement, opportunity and challenge to achieve, can do so. The trust seeks to create a context for all children and young people to thrive, academically, personally and socially, so that they experience the real joy of learning.

The Board of Directors agreed the following in August 2015:

We are committed to
  • seamless cross-phase learning to maximise students’ progress and success
  • securing quality of service by sustained and measured growth, in terms of area and resource
  • securing cost-effectiveness in all business activity, to enhance provision for all students
  • serving inclusively the local community of ALT academies
  • accepting, as a sponsor, the broader moral responsibility for improving schools in need of support
  • the principle of partnership between the primary and secondary phase
  • the aspiration of “being the best we can be” for all children and young people in ALT academies
  • deep and sustainable collaboration to secure the best possible outcomes for students, whatever their circumstances or starting point

Our purpose as a MAT is:

  • to enable academies to work together, share expertise and maximise efficiency and effectiveness across the MAT
  • to secure rapid and sustained improvement for any academy sponsored by the Trust
  • to enable all children and young people in ALT Academies to leave having achieved well, strengthened by the values and aspirations of ALT and well prepared to face the next challenge in their learning, personal and social development.

Three Year strategic objectives:

  • SO1        Outstanding academic achievement for all students, whatever their starting point
  • SO2        Financial security and operational infrastructure to meet SO 1
  • SO3        Seamless cross phase learning
  • SO4        Good and Outstanding  ALT Academies all contributing to the improvement of those in categories
  • SO5        Highly effective Executive Leadership Team taking shared responsibility for the success of all the Trust schools **
  • SO6        Staff from across the Trust working together in research and development teams (teaching and back office)
  • SO7        Trust wide ICT Strategy developed
  • SO8        Fully developed group of strategic partners to enhance provision
  • SO9        Highly effective and inclusive Board of Directors with clear strategy for developing/growing the Trust
  • SO10     Trust-wide succession plan in operation
  • SO11      Sustainable links with local communities and business partnerships established to secure future pathways collaboratively, locally, nationally and globally