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The role of a Director

Our Board of Directors are responsible for making strategic decisions about the running of the trust. They play a critical role in effectiveness, standards and governance and have duties as both directors (under company law) and trustees (under charity law).

The day to day running of the schools within the trust is delegated to the local governing body and regularly monitored to ensure high educational standards.

Our Directors bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the trust.

Multi Academy Trust Governance Structure

Declaration of Business Interests

The Members and Directors of Areté Learning Trust are required to complete an annual Declaration of Business Interests. Copies of these declarations are held by the Clerk to the Directors and are inspected annually by the appointed Auditors.

To view a copy of the current register interests please click on the link to the right.

Board Meeting ATTENDANCE

To view a copy of the members and directors attendance at meetings, please click on the link to the right.


Mr R. CraneAccounting Officer01642 718555r.crane@aretelearningtrust.org
Mrs C.M. BrookerChair of Board01642 718555alttrusteecmb@aretelearningtrust.org
Mr M. FosterChair of Audit and Risk Committee01642 718555m.foster@aretelearningtrust.org
Ms J. HootonChair of Quality and Standards Committee01642 718555j.hooton@aretelearningtrust.org
Prof A. SladeChair of Finance, Personnel and Estates Committee01642 718555a.slade@aretelearningtrust.org

Directors of the Trust

Mr S.W. BrennanDirector01/04/1901642 718555s.brennan@aretelearningtrust.org
Mrs C.M. BrookerChair12/04/2101642 718555alttrusteecmb@aretelearningtrust.org
Mr R. CraneCEOContinuing01642 718555r.crane@aretelearningtrust.org
Mr P. FazakerleyDirector06/10/2101642 718555alttrusteepf@aretelearningtrust.org
Mr M.H.FosterDirector01/04/1901642 718555m.foster@aretelearningtrust.org
Ms J.A. HootonDirector26/04/1801642 718555j.hooton@aretelearningtrust.org
Mr D. SharpDirector16/10/2001642 718555alttrusteeds@aretelearningtrust.org
Prof A.J. SladeDirector14/11/1901642 718555a.slade@aretelearningtrust.org

Areté Learning Trust Members

Mr P. BartlettMember04/03/1901642 718555
Mrs C.M. BrookerMember16/12/2101642 718555
Prof G. HendersonMember01/04/1901642 718555
Mr N. LandMember01/04/1901642 718555
Mrs K. PickingMember01/04/1901642 718555
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