CEO's Welcome

Our name, Areté Learning Trust, was chosen because of the values represented by the Greek word ἀρετή​ - which encapsulates striving for excellence, fulfilling our purpose and becoming the best we can be: it is associated in mythology with bravery, with generosity of spirit and with moral courage, as well as with achievement - aspirations we hold dear for all students in our ALT schools.

CEO’s Welcome

Thank you for your interest in Areté Learning Trust. I hope that you find the information contained on this site helpful. We are a relatively new Trust, established when Stokesley School converted to academy status in April 2015. In an educational climate in which there is so much volatility and change, we wanted to ensure we could secure our future, stay true to our values and work with others who are similarly committed to helping all young people, whatever their starting point, to “be the best they can be.”

Catherine Brooker, CEO Areté Learning Trust